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Brisbane Jewellery Photography – Essential For Online Store

Jewellery photography is a highly technical form of photography. The stone, which is usually the main element of the piece, needs to be colour correct, high in contrast and display the cut of the stone. When you add to that the finish of the metal work and the presentation of the background, there are many elements at play to get the image to look it’s best.

I have had years of experience as a Brisbane photographer shooting jewellery and watch
catalogues both in London, Hong Kong and Brisbane. I’ve worked in high pressure time critical environments. I’ve shot vintage pieces that have required extensive retouching to return them to their past glory.  While I’ve also shot $12 million show stoppers that have needed to be 100% accurate in colour and clarity. That’s why when you commission me to work with you, you know you’re working with someone with a proven track record with a wealth of experience you can count on. As a result whether you need editorial images to showcase your best pieces or catalogue shots on a white background, you can be sure that all your jewellery photography needs can be meet at TomMac Photography.