Fine Art Photography

As a seller of fine objects we understand your need to have the fine objects photographed in a specialised style to show detail, shape, character and mood.  With our extensive background in fine object photography, we appreciate that need and thank you for visiting our website. Our head photographer, Tom,loves working with fine objects and during his time as senior photographer at one of the world’s top auction houses based in London, you can be sure he’s shot more than his fair share. He believes the heart and soul of the artist goes into the fine object created and it then deserves to be fittingly photographed.
TomMac Photography understands your needs in finding a photographer who can produce images to showcase your fine objects on your website, social media pages and/or in print. Be it a hero shot for advertising for an upcoming exhibition and/or press release or a full set of images for a catalogue, with years of industry experience, we know you want someone who works just as hard as you do, someone who will work to give you the best results possible. To make your fine objects stand out from the crowd and draw in prospective buyers.
Our head photographer, Tom, shoots and retouches fine objects for catalogues and editorial both in Australia and abroad.  He’s used to working in high pressure and time critical environments. Tom understands that colour must be accurate, lighting must show shape and form and the background needs to compliment and not compete with the piece. His work has appeared both digitally and in print in Antiques Trade Gazette, Vogue Australia, Forbes, De Beers, Guardian, Harpers Bazaar to name a few.
Together with a wealth of experience in shooting and retouching fine objects, TomMac Photography studio uses high-end equipment and lighting to produce top quality images.  Depending on size, we can arrange for your pieces to be shot in our secured studio or, depending on space available, we can come to you and set up our mobile studio. We are happy to work autonomously but also welcome your presence and input throughout the shoot if you prefer.
TomMac Photography is based in Brisbane and is available both Australia-wide and abroad. If you’d like to work with us, please get in touch today to discuss your photography needs on +61 (0)449 676 266 or Enquire Now.