Hong Kongs workshops

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Hong Kongs workshops

Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to do a fair bit of travel with my job and undoubtedly one of my favourite destinations is Hong Kong. And one of my favourite subjects is Hong Kongs workshops

It seems that wherever you look there’s something to photograph, something to pique the interest of a curious person. I’ve shot cityscapes,  street photography and my favourite subject at the moment, people at work in the various workshops of the city.

Hong Kong is a city of contrasts and as you walk past all the expensive jewellers on Nathan Road, all it takes is a left or a right turn to get to some of the many open fronted workshops servicing the people and the port of the city. Down the back streets of Mong Kok is a treasure trove for the curious street photographer.

Yes, there are the world famous markets in the area but of greater interest to me are the workshops making industrial rope, colourful safety gear and even springs! I’ve spent many hours pounding those back streets and have met many characters, some happy and proud of their workshops, some non plus as to why I’d be photographing them and occasionally some who take a dislike to being the subject of a shot.

On the whole though, a nod and a smile will take you a long way in this fascinating street culture. I’m captivated and fascinated by this great city with all its hustle, noise and contrasting character.

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