Jewellery case study

jewellery photographer- 2 views of an impressive ring
Jewellery case study

It’s been a busy few months at Tommac Photography! I was delighted to be commissioned to photograph the amazing jewellery collection of master jewellers and design specialists, Ashley Douglas.

Ashley and Doug were keen to have all of their jewellery photographed with the intention of showcasing it in their forthcoming online store. It was quite a challenge shooting multiple shots of hundreds of pieces of jewellery on site with minimum disruption to their business but after 3 days polishing, shooting and organising, the stunning collection had finally been photographed.

Next up was the Photoshop retouching. Bringing images to a pure white background can take a fair amount of work but ultimately it’s hard to beat the uniform finish it provides, especially when it’s for eCommerce. Jewellery also requires a lot of care and attention to show all the elements of the piece in their best light – the metal needs to be shiny, the stones need to be sharp and show clarity and the colours need to be spot on.

As you can see from the shots, we managed to achieve all these elements and a happy result for Ashley Douglas.

Next time you need your jewellery photographed don’t think good results can be achieved by any photographer. Jewellery photography is a real specialty and at Tommac Photography we have the experience and know how to make your jewellery look as good in the photo as it does in real life.


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